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Legal Trends Behind Productions

Episode Summary

GHJ Profit Participation Services Practice Leader Ilan Haimoff and Jason Squire, USC School of Cinematic Arts Professor Emeritus and editor of The Movie Business Book Fourth Edition, continue this season of “The Movie Business Podcast” looking at “The New Normal” from different perspectives. In this episode, they talk to Elsa Ramo, Managing Partner at Ramo Law PC. Elsa provides comprehensive legal services to producers, financiers, creators and owners of film, television and digital content and projects across a wide range od budgets and production levels. She established her firm in 2005 to enable up-and-coming filmmakers and producers to bring their stories to life. Ilan, Jason and Elsa discuss the role a lawyer plays in a film or television production and Elsa shares what producers should know when preparing for their next project.

Episode Notes

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